Jaguar is a British manufacturer of luxury and sport cars. The agency was assigned the task to gather the existing owners of Jaguars and present new model Jaguar XE, the most aerodynamic Jaguar so far. The goal: to create an unforgettable feeling of driving and performance, as well as to spark the desire for another drive.


We arranged the delivery of personalized invitations to addresses of individual owners by a Jaguar hostess to create the effect of exclusivity and to reach higher response of guests. The event was organized at level - 2 underground garage in the late evening hours. Upon arrival, all guests were given the numbers that later served as their sequence of driving in the company of Siniša Krainc, triple racing Croatian champion. The feeling of acceleration and driving between the columns gained the 'wow' effect with all the guests, 60% of whom scheduled test runs of the new model.

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