IKS PAVIĆ d.o.o., a renowned  PVC joinery manufacturer, celebrated 20 years of successful operation. The company owes its success primarily to consistent improvement of the product quality and development of new, innovative products, and is a market leader in this segment. The task that the client had set before us was to organize a celebration of the anniversary in as distinctive and innovative way as possible, and in line with that do the entire PR communication.


This client’s task let our imagination run wild! For 20 years of ICS PAVIĆ joinery we designed and organized a spectacular 3D mapping projection, which is for the occasion performed on the southern facade of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb. Thanks to this innovative technology the building of the Art Pavilion during the 10-minute projection was pulled down, copied and reconstructed only to be finally revived as environmentally friendly edifice for the 21st century. The jubilee was attended by employees of IKS PAVIĆ joinery, domestic and foreign business partners, media representatives who brought the atmosphere of the celebration closer to their readers and viewers. The spectacle appealed much of attention from curious passers-by, several of whom “directed” the virtual representation of the building by shouting loud into the microphone.

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