By taking over the Decathlon Facebook page we took on the responsibility of communicating for a brand that was fairly new and unknown while Facebook was supposed to become its “ambassador”. One of the goals was to raise the level of conciseness about the brand and brand recognition while the other was creating an image of an approachable brand – not only affordable, but accessible through communication with advice and inspiration to motivate people to physical activity.


With the slogan “Sports accessible to all” we focused on making the Facebook page that would be approachable and interesting to everyone. We created content personalized to our brand and our fans. By creating authentic visual content we satisfied the standards of social networks while including the end user. We adjusted our communication, dynamic, formats and themes to our fans who showed us their appreciation in the way of fan number and fan interactions growth. All this resulted in us being a finalist in the MIXX 2018 competition’s “Best social” category.

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